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Return Air Panning - Bubble
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Easy to Install and Reduces Labor Costs

Reflectix® RAP (Bubble) is an alternative to conventional sheet metal and corrugated aluminum panels for return air ducts. In wood frame construction, it may be used to enclose the bottom of return air plenums, between the joist spaces, stud cavities, and wall and ceiling cavities.

Recommended Products:
Reflectix® RAP (Bubble)
Reflective/Bubble/Bubble/White - Roll
• HVRDBW1602503 - 16" x 25'
• HVRDBW2402502 - 24" x 25'
• HVRDBW3202501 - 32" x 25'

• 30 to 40% less costly than sheet metal and corrugated aluminum panels
• Shop fabricating is not required
• Staple to floor joists and stud cavities
• Class A / Class 1
• Reduces duct noise
• Not effected by moisture or humidity
• Resists growth of fungi, mold and mildew
• Saves labor cost of installation
• Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic
• Energy efficient
• Lightweight and clean

Testing and Certification:
Reflectix® products are thoroughly tested at either nationally approved, independent laboratories or leading universities. Tests are performed to current American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards when a standard exists. To obtain a copy of our Product Testing Specifications, please refer to our website “Literature Tab” above. The documents are also available by e-mail at customerservice@reflectixinc.com or call 800-879-3645.

Installation Instructions:
Note: Installation instructions and illustrated drawings are recommendations only, while proper local construction methods are the responsibility of the installer.

• Always install the product with the reflective side facing out. This allows code officials easy access to code information on the product.
• Staple Reflectix® RAP (Bubble) between the floor joist, or to the side of the floor joist. Open web trusses are acceptable.
• Start at the end of the house and staple Reflectix® RAP (Bubble) to the sub-floor just behind the return air grate.
• Staple Reflectix® RAP (Bubble) to the bottom of the floor joist every 2" to 3". Additional approved attachment methods include: steel staples, sheet metal screws and roofing nails.
• Seal the seams with UL181 tape with an acrylic adhesive.

• Sheet Metal has traditionally been used for both stud cavity and joist space plenums. However, code does not specify types of materials allowed for panning.
• Check your local codes before installation for compliance in your area.


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