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Single Reflective Insulation

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Pictured left to right: Single Reflective Insulation, 100 Linear Foot (Bulk) Rolls

About the Product:
The Reflectix® Single Reflective Insulation is ideal for applications that only require a single reflective (side of the product) or a job that specifies a white interior wall surface. As with our Double Reflective Insulation, ease of handling and installation is one of the key characteristics, contributing to a reduction in labor cost (during installation). This product is typically installed in Metal or Post Frame Buildings and is available through Contractor Sales Groups or Industrial / Commercial Building Product Suppliers.

• The product consists of one 94% + reflective layer of film bonded to two internal layers of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles (total thickness 5/16”).
• A wide variety of widths and lengths are manufactured. (Please refer to “Product Codes/Sizes” below.)
• Product Benefits (R-value and/or Radiant Barrier) vary per application. Please refer to, or the webpage that contains the specific application of interest.
• A Single Bubble product configuration is also available for special applications, on request.

Metal Buildings / Post Frame Buildings
• Roof Systems
• Wall Systems

Product Codes/Sizes:
Specific applications within a category will contain Recommended Products that are best suited for a particular installation. Please refer to specific application webpages for this more detailed recommendation.

Metal Buildings / Post Frame Buildings
• RDBW48100 (48” x 100’) - 400 sq. ft.
• RDBW48125 (48” x 125’) - 500 sq. ft.

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