Crawl Space


When considering options for a crawl space, Reflectix® Reflective/Bubble product is the easiest (to handle) choice available. It comes in convenient roll sizes that install cleanly and quickly. The product is dust and fiber-free, and does not require any protective garments or respirators to work with.

Recommended Products:
Double Reflective Insulation
Reflective/Bubble/Bubble/Reflective - Roll
• BP24050 (24” x 50’)
• BP24100 (24” x 100’)
Staple Tab, Reflective/Bubble/Bubble/Reflective - Roll
• ST16050 (16” x 50’)
• ST16100 (16” x 100’)
• ST24050 (24” x 50’)
• ST24100 (24” x 100’)

• R-16 and fiber free
• Reduces labor (time) because of its easy-to-handle and install characteristics
• No need to insulate ducts or pipes between the product and the sub-floor
• Works great for retrofit installations
• No need for protective garments or respirators when installing
• Resists growth of fungi, mold and mildew
• Does not support insects or rodents
• Vapor / radon retarder
• When properly installed, prevents ground moisture from causing dry rot

Testing and Certification:
Reflectix® products are thoroughly tested at either nationally approved, independent laboratories or leading universities. Tests are performed to current American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards when a standard exists. To obtain a copy of our Product Testing Specifications, please refer to our website “Literature Tab” above. The documents are also available by e-mail at or call 800-879-3645.

Federal Trade Commission Fact Sheet: Installation Instructions:
Download Pro Crawl Space R-16 Installation Instructions 1114.pdf
Note: Installation instructions and illustrated drawings are recommendations only, while proper local construction methods are the responsibility of the installer.

Note: This product is reflective on both sides and the direction of product installation is not pertinent to thermal performance.

Note: For this application it is recommended to use at least 3/8 inch staples that are Heavy Duty or Galvanized.
• Inspect the crawl space and make any needed repairs before installing the Reflectix® Reflective/Bubble product.
• Check the crawl space to determine whether the floor joists are 16” or 24” on-center.
• Determine if there are water pipes and heating ducts which hang below the floor joists. They will need to be insulated. Reflectix® Pipe Wrap and Duct Insulations are designed specifically for this use. There is no need to wrap water pipes or duct work that fall between floor joists. Reflectix® will provide adequate insulating without extra wrapping.
• Start at the end of the house and face staple to the bottom of the floor joists. Seal seams with Reflectix® Foil Tape to create a vapor barrier. At the end, staple up to the sub-floor or band board.
• Note: Existing mass insulation in the joist cavities must be dry prior to installing the Reflectix® product.


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