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Customer: Bill Huegel, Pastor / Wallingford, CT
Application: Solar Cookers for use in Haiti

Dear Reflectix® Staff,
I have just returned from Haiti and have experimented with a new use for Reflectix® Insulation. I made a couple of solar cookers (which simply reflect the sun onto a black pot) out of Reflectix®, and found them to be very effective.  Solar cookers are being used all over the world in third world settings to offer people an alternative to cutting down trees for firewood (www.solarcookers.org). The water gets sufficiently hot to pasteurize polluted water to cook food. While in Haiti, I cooked rice pilaf, roasted eggs, and made a pot of coffee. All of this was greatly enjoyed by my Haitian friends who were delighted to see that it could be done.

Reflectix® Insulation is particularly useful because it is sufficiently firm when cut and shaped into a reflective panel, and it won’t melt if left in the rain.

Pastor Bill Huegel / Wallingford, CT

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Customer: Linda from Ohio
Application: Insulating a Small Barn

I wanted to write and tell you thank you for such a great product. I have three Embden Geese as pets and they have a little barn. Last year I became very concerned about them during the winter as they are now 15 years old. I had some little electric heaters out there that were quite costly to run. I live in Ohio, near Lake Erie, and the winters can be bad. This year I decided to insulate their little barn. One day as I walked through a home improvement store, I saw your product. It looked like something I could use and do myself. I’m single and in my 50’s and home improvement projects aren’t exactly my strong point. I made a mistake of putting it on the roof with nothing under it but I wised up and used a layer of 3.5 in fiberglass insulation on the walls. I covered that with the Reflectix® 24” rolls. It turned out great. I have to figure out how to do the doors and I’m going to go back and cover the roof with the fiberglass and another layer of Reflectix® as I’m able. It would ruin what’s on the roof to tear it down so I’m just going to leave it up and cover it. I’ve enclosed some photos.

I feel so much better for my geese and I want to thank you for making such a great product that even I could work with it. I feel like the Reflectix® Queen!”

Linda from Ohio

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