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Quality Products

Reflectix, Inc. is the experienced leader in reflective technology. Reflectix® ranks as the world leader in the sales of reflective insulations, with the largest distribution network of any competing reflective insulation manufacturer. Reflectix® is your complete source for reflective insulation. We choose our raw material suppliers very carefully, building partnerships with them to maintain our quality standards. Reflectix® has experienced tremendous growth by consistently delivering service which exceeds customer expectations. We provide accurate technical guidance, quick quotes, and maintain a large inventory of materials, making our delivery turnaround the envy of the industry.

Quality People

Our people are the foundation of our reputation as a dependable, quality-conscious supplier. Our team has the proper training and the experience to produce high-quality materials, and to provide the technical assistance required to excel in today’s market. A “team” approach is encouraged from the moment we take your order until it is shipped. We operate with a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015. Each person is actively involved in this program, resulting in better service to our customers.

Quality Service

Reflectix® wants to be your first choice for reflective insulation. Our commitment to quality and service is unparalleled. Our dedication to products and service above and beyond your expectations, is evident in the sales, customer service, quality control and production personnel at Reflectix. We stand behind every Reflectix® product.