Return Air Duct Panning (Bubble)

Pictured: Reflectix® RAP (Bubble)


About the Product:

The Reflectix® RAP Return Air Duct Panning is an excellent alternative to conventional sheet metal and corrugated aluminum panels for return air ducts. In wood frame construction, it may be used to enclose the bottom of return air plenums, between the joist spaces, stud cavities, and wall ceiling cavities. Additionally, the product reduces duct noise and is easy to install which in turn reduces labor costs. The Reflectix® RAP is available through HVAC Products Suppliers.


  • The product consists of one 96% reflective layer of film bonded to one internal layers of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles (total thickness 5/16”).
  • Product widths of 16” and 24” are available in rolls of 100 linear feet.


HVAC/R & Plumbing Contractor / Pro

  • Return Air Duct Panning

Product Codes/Sizes:

HVAC/R & Plumbing Contractor / Pro

  • HVRDBW1602503 – 16″ x 25′
  • HVRDBW2402502 – 24″ x 25′
  • HVRDBW3202501 – 32″ x 25′


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