Expansion Joint

2 rolls exp 72 rgb

Pictured: Expansion Joint 4” x 50’ and 6” x 50’ Rolls

About the Product:

The Reflectix® Expansion Joint is a durable, lightweight, closed-cell foam product that is flexible enough to shape to contours. It additionally is sturdy, termite and moisture resistant, and incorporates a reusable tear-off strip. The Reflectix® Expansion Joint is available through Contractor Sales Groups.


• The product consists of closed cell, flexible, lightweight foam (total thickness 1/2”).
• Two widths are available: 4” and 6” by a linear footage of 50’.
• Refer to the Expansion Joint webpage for additional information.


HVAC/R & Plumbing Contractor
• Expansion Joint

Product Codes/Sizes:

Do-It-Yourself / HVAC/R & Plumbing / Pro
• EXP04050 (4” x 50’)
• EXP06050 (6” x 50’)


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