Agricultural / Livestock Buildings

  • Poultry Houses
  • Stables
  • Dairy / Milking Facilities
  • Hog Farms

Reflectix offers a wide range of applications and products for installation in Agricultural and Livestock Buildings. Depending on the structure of your building and the level of benefit required, there is an energy efficient, “easy to install” option to consider.


  • Wide range of performance options (R-value depends on application)
  • Quicker installation results in lower labor costs
  • Product does not contain fibers or dust that require respirators or protective garments
  • Lowers stress levels in livestock due to lower internal building temperatures (radiant barrier application blocks 96% of radiant heat)
  • Reduces the impact of the “black-globe effect” on livestock (reduces the absorption of radiant energy by the animal’s body and results in higher weight gain & reproductively and lower mortality rates).
  • Non-toxic / non-carcinogenic

Testing and Certification

Reflectix® products are thoroughly tested at either nationally approved, independent laboratories or leading universities. Tests are performed to current American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards when a standard exists. To obtain a copy of our Product Testing Specifications, please refer to the “Additional Resources” tab. The documents are also available by e-mail at or call (800) 879-3645.


Review These Important Safety Guidelines Prior to Installation:

  • ALWAYS check local building codes before installing Reflectix®.
  • ALWAYS check the area you are insulating and make any needed repairs. Any worn wiring should be replaced before you begin installing Reflectix®.
  • ALWAYS make sure work areas are well ventilated and well lighted.
  • ALWAYS use eye protection when operating a staple gun.
  • ALWAYS use caution and common sense when using a staple gun. Be aware of electrical wiring locations. Stapling into a wire can cause severe shock or death. NEVER staple into electrical wiring.
  • ALWAYS be careful when working with large pieces of Reflectix® on windy days.
  • When installing Reflectix® on bright sunny days, it is best to wear sun glasses.
  • Do not work in areas such as attics when temperatures are too hot.
  • Please Note: The intention of these Installation Instructions and 3-D renderings are for the sole purpose of illustrating the correct location and relative position of the Reflectix® products in specific building assemblies. The correct construction methods and techniques are the responsibility of the installer or contractor. The methods outlined are recommendations on location of the Reflectix® products as a guideline. There are no claims on the part of Reflectix, Inc. that these building assemblies are finite standards or meet building code requirements (as they can vary by region).