Shipping Products

Pallet Cover

pallet-coverThe TempShield Pallet Cover is manufactured with insulating materials that provide high-efficiency performance for protecting temperature sensitive shipments. The Thermal Pallet Cover is ideal for shipping anything from fish to pharmaceuticals. The one-piece durable cover is quick and easy to place over the pallet.

The TempShield Pallet Cover maintains temperature ranges reducing damage caused by temperature fluctuation when loading or unloading trucks. The cover is fabricated with materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for incidental contact with food.

Other great TempShield packaging products include A/B Box Liners, Gusseted Bags, Mailer Pouches and Thermal Pouches.


  • Inhibits odor transfer
  • Flexible, tough and durable
  • Stops heat transfer by radiation
  • Cost effective and reusable
  • Great vapor retardant
  • Not affected by moisture or humidity
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Water repellent