Options for the Retailer

Reflectix Wants to be Your First Choice for Reflective Insulation.

Our commitment to quality and service is unparalleled. Our dedication to delivering service and products above and beyond your expectations is evident in the sales, customer service, quality control and production personnel who stand behind every Reflectix® product.

Product Certification & Testing are Second to None

  • Federal Tax Credit Rebate Qualified when installed in Walls, Crawls and Attics
  • Product Testing Certified by the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association – International
  • Product Testing Performed by R&D Services



Double Reflective Insulation – Standard Edge and Staple Tab (pictured above)

Now you, the retailer, can tailor Reflectix® product selections to your customers’ application needs. Staple Tab products are especially designed with 16” and 24” on-center rolls for easy standard construction. Reflectix® is perfect for Attics, Basement Walls, Side Walls, Storage Buildings, Crawl Spaces, Metal Buildings, Post and Frame Buildings. Retailer Advantages:

  • Exceptional turns and profit margins
  • Be prepared for those cold snaps; Reflectix® is a great year-round seller
  • Four-color, trilingual, point-of-sale packaging
  • Custom plan-o-gramming

No other insulation has such a wide array of options! (Look for BP, ST, DBW and SBW on your Spec Sheet.)

Special Order Program

Reflectix® offers special arrangements for our larger bulk insulation rolls measuring 100’ in length. POS headers and literature are available along with special pricing sheets for your contractor desk. Rolls can ship directly to your store or your customers’ work site. (Look for BP, ST, DBW and SBW on your Spec Sheet.)


10′ Small Project Rolls (pictured above)

Designed to take minimal floor or shelf space, the Reflectix® Small Project Rolls address specific needs not possible with traditional insulations such as: RV use, outdoor recreation, household use, plumbing and ducting. Shipped in attractive trilingual merchandisers, your rolls come ready for immediate display right from the point of receiving. Retailer Advantages:

  • Easily merchandise products in non-traditional areas within the store without the need to stage on pallets, suspend signage, etc.
  • Reduces store-level handling from point-of-receiving to point-of-display
  • Merchandisers promote bold, graphic point-of-sale impact
  • Excellent profit margins
  • Use of minimal space for retailers who do not normally sell insulation

(Look for BP on your Spec Sheet.)


Sill Sealer (pictured above)

The Reflectix® Sill Sealer is a closed-cell product, designed to reduce air leakage between the foundation wall and the sill plate. It can additionally be used to seal around window and door frames. The product is applicable for residential and commercial construction, slab on grade, and in crawl spaces or basements. (Look for CF on your Spec Sheet.)


Expansion Joint (pictured above)

This durable, lightweight closed-cell foam expansion joint is the solution for concrete placement needs. Stiff enough to use on straight joints, flexible enough to shape to contours. Retailer Advantages:

  • Conveniently comes in 4” and 6” x 50’ sizes
  • Displays easily
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

(Look for EXP on your Spec Sheet.)


Plumbing / HVAC Products (pictured above)

This specialized assortment of Reflectix® Insulation offers money-saving solutions for the DIY customers. Recommend our Plumbing/HVAC products as Pipe Wraps and Duct Insulation. Retailer Advantages:

  • Exceptional turns and profit margins of at least 40%
  • Four-color, trilingual, point-of-sale packaging
  • “One-stop” shopping for HVAC customer needs
  • Reflectix® is a great year-round seller
  • Priced right to promote consumer sales

(Look for the Plumbing / HVAC Products section on your Spec Sheet.)


Masonry Wall Insulation (pictured above)

This insulation is yet another option for great year-round sales. The combination of white poly and high reflectivity make for an effective solution when seeking climate control in a recreational room, basement or masonry walls. (Look for SBW and DBW on your Spec Sheet.)


Concrete Pad (pictured above)

Our Concrete Pad works in tandem with radiant floor systems to direct heat back into the living space increasing the efficiency of the radiant floor system. It can also be used under concrete in radiant heating and snow melt applications. (Look for DBWEF on your Spec Sheet.)


Radiant Barrier (pictured above)

Many regions of the US recognize the energy advantages available to the consumer who installs a radiant barrier in the attic of their home. Reflectix® Radiant Barrier reflects 96% of the radiant energy striking its surface, resulting in a in up to a 40% heat reduction through the ceiling. Reflectix® Radiant Barrier offers a competitively priced product. Great for year-round. (Look for RB on your Spec Sheet.)


Accessory Items: Foil and White Poly Tapes (pictured above)

Foil Tape: Our reflective tape is specifically designed to adhere well to our insulation. It serves as the best means to join ends of Reflectix® product together because it ensures a continuous reflective surface. The use of ordinary adhesive tape would create “windows” for radiant energy to pass through.

White Poly Tape: This tape is recommended for taping the seams of our Reflectix® white poly products such as our Masonry Wall Insulation and the Concrete Pad.

(Look for FT and WPT on your Spec Sheet.)


Merchandising Support Materials

Signage and Literature

Reflectix offers a variety of point-of-purchase options that will attract and inform your customers about our family of energy-efficient products. Custom plan-o-gram services are available when required. Additionally, signage and literature are available in trilingual and bilingual versions.

  • Residential Applications Brochure (Item code: F1)
  • Pro/Contractor Applications Guide (Item code: F2)
  • Specialized POP Banners and Headers
  • Custom Program Plan-o-grams


Each merchandiser measures 20” x 20” x 48”.

  • May be used as a stack-out floor display
  • Designed to fit two deep in a pallet rack display
  • Self-defining reorder points
  • Tri-lingual POS merchandiser for shelf-stock, stack-outs or pallet rack displays
  • Lightweight for ease of handling (25 lbs. or less)
  • Easy to store, move and display
  • Strong – protects product from handling damage

Corrugated Pallets

Reflectix palletizes shipments in specifically designed corrugated pallets. This method of shipment adds further protection to the product in transit, assuring a clean and damage-free merchandise assortment. (Product quantities are described on your Spec Sheet.