Radiant Barrier (Reflective/Woven Fabric/Reflective)


Radiant Barrier

RB4812550 (48“ x 125’) – 500 sq. ft.

Radiant Barrier

RB4812550 (48“ x 125’) – 500 sq. ft.


About the Product:

The Reflectix® Radiant Barrier is an excellent upgrade for making a residential structure more energy efficient. The product is primarily installed in attic systems to reduce the transfer of radiant energy through the roof (resulting in lower attic temperatures) to the attic floor. Lower attic temperatures mean less AC usage to keep your house cool, which translates to lower utility bills. The Radiant Barrier product is available through various Do-It-Yourself Retailers.


  • A radiant barrier consisting of two outer layers of 96% reflective film, bonded together, enclosing a heavy gauge woven polyethylene fabric.
  • A standard product width of 48” is a available in a 125 linear foot roll.
  • Product Benefits (R-value and/or Radiant Barrier) vary per application. Please refer to, or the webpage that contains the specific application of interest.



  • Attic
  • Cathedral Ceiling
  • House Wrap

HVAC/R & Plumbing Contractor / Pro

  • Attic

Product Codes/Sizes:

Do-It-Yourself / HVAC/R & Plumbing Contractor / Pro

  • RB4812550 (48“ x 125’) – 500 sq. ft.


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