Month: December 2019

Reflectix is FANTASTIC!

I am building a greenhouse and am using Reflectix on the north wall for insulating and for the reflection of the sun. I’ve used many products that do not perform as their companies say they do. BUT REFLECTIX IS FANTASTIC! I’M VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE EASE OF USE AND PERFORMANCE, AND THE TAPE IS A […]

Monty Millspaugh Receives Prestigious ASTM Award

by Faith Saltsman Reflections Editor, Artist / Manager of Graphic Arts When Monty attended his first ASTM meeting more than 34 years ago, he attended as a guest, but today, his list of contributions is certainly a lengthy one. We’re extremely fortunate as a company to have Monty’s history with ASTM. By being a part, in […]

This Old House

We live in an 85 year old home at the Jersey Shore. The home was built with lathe and plaster walls and no insulation. We have a hot water gas fired boiler to heat 2,600 square feet. The system uses original cast iron radiators to distribute the hot water. Just slid sections of Reflectix between […]