Monty Millspaugh Receives Prestigious ASTM Award

by Faith Saltsman Reflections Editor, Artist / Manager of Graphic Arts

When Monty attended his first ASTM meeting more than 34 years ago, he attended as a guest, but today, his list of contributions is certainly a lengthy one.

We’re extremely fortunate as a company to have Monty’s history with ASTM. By being a part, in a sense, Reflectix has taken the steering wheel of our own destiny. ASTM is the American Society of Testing and Materials, which holds responsibility for writing standards, test procedures, guides and test methods which are used both nationally and globally. If we were not a part of ASTM, we would risk competitors writing our documents on testing, and risk being written out of the building codes. Monty’s consistency and leadership over time has helped to raise the recognition of Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barriers in our industry.

During his time he has played a part in the writing of 14 different documents, some of them actually taking years to write and publish. Monty was an instrumental key player in the first Reflective Insulation Installation Practice which took 14 years to achieve approval and ultimately publication. Monty has been the representative for Reflectix in multiple ASTM main and subcommittees. His contributions over the years include Chairmanship and participation in multiple Task Groups, the writing of Standards and Practices, Chair and Secretary of ASTM Subcommittee C16.21, Editorial Liaison for Reflective Product documents and, is currently, the Membership Secretary for ASTM Main Committee C16 until this coming January of 2020.

Reflective insulation in the initial stages of the industry’s development, experienced significant push back from competitive products. The challenge for product recognition in the market place was significant. The efforts by Monty and others in those initial years of establishing ASTM documents, were a crucial element in the success of Reflectix today! Congratulations, Monty!