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ASTM / RIMA-I Verification Program – Press Release

Reflectix participates in the ASTM International/RIMA-I Verification Program for Reflective Insulative Materials. The Reflective Insulation family of products that have been certified within this program, have been evaluated against the requirements specified by ASTM C1224 “Standard Specification for Reflective Insulation for Building Construction Applications”. The program was established by the Safety Equipment Institute, which is […]

The “Coolest Thing Made in Indiana” Competition!

Reflectix has entered into a contest for the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s 2nd Annual “Coolest Thing Made in Indiana” Competition! Voting begins tomorrow, Thursday, November 3rd, and you can vote for Reflectix at this link: fdsfds dfsafds

An Article Shines the Spotlight on Balcan

Balcan Innovations, our parent company, earned a featured article in the latest issue of Canadian Plastics magazine, a national publication that shines a spotlight on business success stories while covering every aspect of the Canadian and North American plastics industry. The article is based on an interview conducted with our CEO, Dano Lister, and speaks […]

Kevin Thompson Retires After 33 Years of Faithful Service to Reflectix

Dear All, With much appreciation for nearly 33 years of service, Reflectix and the whole Balcan Innovations team wishes best regards to Kevin Thompson as he retires this month. His career with Reflectix began in June of 1989 as the Shipping Manager. Then after Sealed Air Corp acquired the company in 2000, he moved to […]

RIMA-I Bestows Special Award To Monty Millspaugh

Olathe, KS – The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) has named Monty Millspaugh of Reflectix Inc. as the recipient of the 2022 Alexander Schwartz Award. The honor was present at RIMA-I’s spring meeting, April 7-8, 2022, in Nashville, TN. The Alexander Schwartz Award is presented to “a person or entity that has motivated industry […]

The Reflectix 2022 Trade Show Schedule

If you are attending any of these events, we would welcome a visit to our booth! Event / Date / Location / Booth #: AHR Expo:  January 31 – February 2 / Las Vegas, NV / Int’l Builder’s Show:  February 8 – 10 / Orlando, FL / Booth W4207 / Do it Best Spring Market:  February 11 – […]

The 2022 AHR Expo – See us at Booth C4927

Reflectix is excited to participate as an exhibitor at the AHR EXPO 2022. This will be the 20th time that our company has participated in this HVAC Industry leading event. The EXPO is co-sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI. Additionally, the event is held concurrently with the ASHRAE Winter Conference. If you plan to attend, please […]

ASTM / RIMA-I Verification Program – Press Release

Reflectix participates in the ASTM International/RIMA-I Verification Program for Reflective Insulative Materials. The Reflective Insulation family of products that have been certified within this program, have been evaluated against the requirements specified by ASTM C1224 “Standard Specification for Reflective Insulation for Building Construction Applications”. The program was established by the Safety Equipment Institute, which is […]

Reflectix Joins Balcan Innovations!

As of November 1, 2021, Balcan Innovations Inc. has acquired Reflectix, Inc., to fulfill its vision to be the North American leader in technical films, flexible packaging products, reflective-based insulations and radiant barriers. All Reflectix activities remain the same with a new world of opportunities with additional capabilities that will allow us to broaden the […]

A 25 Year Old Roll of Reflectix Tape

This is just a note about a recent use of Reflectix tape. The unusual thing about it is that this tape is at least 25 years old, but still has the same (or nearly so) adhesiveness as when it was new! So I was able to use it for my purposes in 2021 just as […]

A Great New Application – Pouches for Artwork!

A Reflectix pouch is a great way to transport and store your framed artwork. I make the pouch by folding once (for the pouch) and again (for the flap) and affix double-sided velcro tabs. I seam the sides and the cut edges with Reflectix Foil Tape. I no longer worry about the sun shining through […]

A Foil Tape Fan!

I am a long time fan of your foil tape. My mom introduced it to me growing up, and it has often been a feature in many of our art projects. Because of COVID-19, I was sent home early from my freshman year of college to live back at home. While at home I started […]

Reflectix Plays a Part in Helping With COVID-19

Due to the onset and highly contagious nature of COVID-19, a shortage in N-95 face masks has occurred. One avenue that is being considered to address this shortage, is the creation of an Ultraviolet Chamber that will permit the creation of a procedure to UVC disinfect N-95 face masks. This would facilitate the reuse of […]

Please Join Us in Congratulating Tari!

We would like to congratulate Tari Hendricks on her advancement to the position of Reflectix Customer Service Manager. She will be assuming this position on Monday, May 25th, 2020. Tari has worked at Reflectix since 1992, in many departments and positions. Her official positions have included Shipping Clerk, Production/Conversion Planning, Inside Sales/Sales Support, Customer Service […]

Federal Energy Tax Credit

The Federal Energy Tax Credit is available for residential insulation purchases through December 31, 2019. Click here for the ETC Certificate:

Congratulations, Jerry Saunders!

After 26 years of service, Jerry Saunders will be retiring from Reflectix this coming May 22, 2020. Jerry is our Customer Service Manager at Reflectix. She’s excited about spending time with her grandchildren. She has 10 grandkids and the 11th one is coming in April. Please join us in congratulating Jerry and wishing her well!

Reflectix is FANTASTIC!

I am building a greenhouse and am using Reflectix on the north wall for insulating and for the reflection of the sun. I’ve used many products that do not perform as their companies say they do. BUT REFLECTIX IS FANTASTIC! I’M VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE EASE OF USE AND PERFORMANCE, AND THE TAPE IS A […]

Monty Millspaugh Receives Prestigious ASTM Award

by Faith Saltsman Reflections Editor, Artist / Manager of Graphic Arts When Monty attended his first ASTM meeting more than 34 years ago, he attended as a guest, but today, his list of contributions is certainly a lengthy one. We’re extremely fortunate as a company to have Monty’s history with ASTM. By being a part, in […]

This Old House

We live in an 85 year old home at the Jersey Shore. The home was built with lathe and plaster walls and no insulation. We have a hot water gas fired boiler to heat 2,600 square feet. The system uses original cast iron radiators to distribute the hot water. Just slid sections of Reflectix between […]

Insulated Plant Room for Those Chilly Winter Months

My mom and I have lots of succulents & outdoor plants. Two years ago we made an indoor winter spot in my basement with grow lights, fans, and what else but Reflectix! Winter gets super cold in our area and if we left these outside they would all likely die. — Fawnia S., from Maugansville, […]

With Reflectix, I Can Camp in the Winter!

Hey, I love this product! I insulated my pop-up camper. At 35 F it’s nice and warm and uses WAY less energy to heat! Now I can camp in the winter months! It’s easy to cut, easy to install and easy to store! It took me a whole hour to do this and the best […]

RV Applications

I am a full time RVer. I live in my 35 ft. Jayco camper year-round. I use Reflectix in the winter months to keep the warm air in and in the summer to keep the heat out. I used newspaper to make a pattern on all the windows in my RV. I cut the Reflectix […]

A Reminder from Michael and Dally to be Grateful

Recently my wife went home to Heaven at the early age of 50, I miss her dearly. Then I, a year later, was diagnosed with cancer. Since I’ve lost my job of 20+ years, I had to sell my horses, then I lost the ranch and about everything else except the horse trailer which I […]

A Happy Camper!

I purchased a 24 inch roll of Reflectix from Home Depot last summer. I cut the material into a six foot length to fit under my foam self-inflating sleep pad and sleeping bag inside my backpacking tent. This past winter, and -10 degrees F, the Reflectix sheet kept me insulated from the frozen ground and […]

A New Application for Reflectix – WAY TO GO, ALEX!

Thought I’d try and bring a smile to your face. My son used one of your rolls for a class project. He was studying the Middle Ages and used the roll to make a suit of armour. If you ever need another idea for what these rolls can be used for it’s great for this. […]

Michigan Van Life

My husband and I live in our Econoline van, year round. We recently purchased a roll of the 100 foot Reflectix Insulation to see if we could stop some of the cold, Michigan, winter temps from freezing us as we sleep. I am happy to say IT WORKED WONDERS! Our old van is toasty warm. […]

If Grandma Can Do It…

My home was built in the 70’s. I’ve had trouble with the roof leaking. A friend helped me tear the ceiling down and fix it. I was familiar with your product and insisted on using it below the pink stuff. There was no arguing with me! I’m so happy with it. What a world of […]

For Homeowners, Energy Efficiency Is All About Saving the Greenbacks

Check out a recent article in the September 2018 issue of the NEWS!  

First Alexander Schwartz Award Presented

Presented In November of 2016, the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) established an Association award titled the “Alexander Schwartz Award”. This award is presented only when a candidate meets the outlined criteria. In general, a recipient is someone who has motivated industry representatives, advanced the reflective products industry and RIMA International and contributed to […]

2018 I-RIM Conference Costa Rica a Great Success!

The 2018 International Reflective Insulation Manufacturers (I-RIM) Conference was held May 9-10 at the beautiful Marriott Los Suenos Golf Resort and Spa in Puntarenas Costa Rica hosting guests from around the globe. Countries represented include the US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Chile. RIMA-I President Doug Kinninger, International Conference Chairman […]

RIMA International Offers a Reflective Technology Seminar at METALCON 2011

Olathe, KS – The Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association International (RIMA-I) will be presenting an educational training session entitled “Fundamentals of Reflective Technology” at the 2011 METALCON show in Atlanta, Georgia. The workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 12, from 11:30 am – 2 pm, in the Georgia World Congress Center and will earn participants […]

Reflectix Announces 30 Year Anniversary

Reflectix, Inc., a division of Sealed Air, celebrates 30 years in the reflective insulation industry.  The company, from its inception, has focused on energy efficient products. Through prioritizing customer satisfaction, product quality and cutting edge research & development, Reflectix has sustained consistent growth. The founder of the Reflectix, Stephen C. Painter, built a foundation of […]