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Reflectix® is a safe, easy-to-use, thermal insulating material providing cost-effective, high-efficiency performance for a wide range of applications.
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A 25 Year Old Roll of Reflectix Tape

This is just a note about a recent use of Reflectix tape. The unusual thing about it is that this tape is at least 25 years old, but still has the same (or nearly so) adhesiveness as when it was new! So I was able to use it for my purposes in 2021 just as…

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A Great New Application – Pouches for Artwork!

A Reflectix pouch is a great way to transport and store your framed artwork. I make the pouch by folding once (for the pouch) and again (for the flap) and affix double-sided velcro tabs. I seam the sides and the cut edges with Reflectix Foil Tape. I no longer worry about the sun shining through…

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A Foil Tape Fan!

I am a long time fan of your foil tape. My mom introduced it to me growing up, and it has often been a feature in many of our art projects. Because of COVID-19, I was sent home early from my freshman year of college to live back at home. While at home I started…

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Reflectix Plays a Part in Helping With COVID-19

Due to the onset and highly contagious nature of COVID-19, a shortage in N-95 face masks has occurred. One avenue that is being considered to address this shortage, is the creation of an Ultraviolet Chamber that will permit the creation of a procedure to UVC disinfect N-95 face masks. This would facilitate the reuse of…

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